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DIVAS COFFEE – #916-5300 No.3 Rd, Richmond, BC, Canada (604) 270-3482

19 Apr

PRICE: $3-10

My recent foray into Café Crepe has sparked a drastic but totally predictable addiction.  I am now addicted to Crepes.  Everywhere I go, I ask myself a simple question: does this place have Crepes?  If the answer is no, my God it becomes hard if not impossible to go inside.

So, of course, while strolling down Lansdowne Mall, you can imagine the amount of joy I’m experiencing when I unexpectedly see the pearly gates of heaven in a most unexpected place.  Diva’s Coffee is a place that I have passed several times on occasion, but this time, for some unforeseen reason, it stands out to me.

I soon realize that this is result of the glowing neon ‘CREPES’ sign that’s in place.  I guess addiction makes you more aware of things.

So I quickly go in, and order myself a Nutella Crepe.  I check out their drink menu.  Today is the rare day when I am in the mood to drink something that is not Coffee.  Hmm.  I’ve never tasted an Avocado Bubble Tea Shake before.  Pearls too?  Yes please!

“Forget Marijuana, Crack Cocaine and Heroin, Crepe addiction is no laughing matter.”

One of my new favourite things to do is check out food as it’s being made.  My hostesses are very good sports, and provide a dazzling display of their Crepe and Bubble Tea making ability.  It’s fantastic.

Once they’ve finished the show, I’m off to the table and ready to enjoy my new found culinary master-pieces.

The Nutella Crepe is laced with Powdered Sugar and Whipped Cream.  The Crepe itself is pleasantly warm, with a slightly toasty texture to boot.  The Nutella mixes beautifully and provides that familiar sweet, Chocolate and Nut induced bliss-coma.  The Whipped Cream adds a fantastic fluffy sweetness.  Delightful.

The Avocado Shake is a unique and pleasant surprise.  Avocados complement the Soy Milk and Tapioca Pearls.  A very light taste that proves to be quite refreshing.  Not too sweet, not too light, it would be perfect for a summer day.  As for me, I’m starting summer early, so all the better that I can enjoy it now.

I finish pigging out on my entrees and wave good-bye.

The cravings have subsided, but I’m already experiencing withdrawal.

My hands are shaking, and I’m breaking a sweat.

I suppose I’m doomed to serve as an example to youth that Crepes are the true ‘gateway drug’.

Forget Marijuana, Crack Cocaine and Heroin, Crepe addiction is no laughing matter.

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CAFE CREPE – 796 Granville St. Vancouver, BC, Canada (604) 806-0834 ‎

13 Apr

PRICE: $4-10

Many of you already know that taking photos is now my new phobia, thanks to an unfortunate circumstance that can be described here.  However, I’ve done my best to learn from being kicked out of a restaurant and now try to politely ask as before I point and shoot (with a camera, nothing else, I swear!).  Often times my question is greeted with a raised eyebrow, followed by awkward hesitation, followed by the usual “uh…let me get my manager” spiel.  It’s pretty tiring to deal with

Fortunately, there are occasions when I meet people who are just dying to get themselves on camera.  There are a few good sports out there when it comes to taking photos, and I was lucky enough to encounter them during my visit to Café Crepe.

So let’s fast forward.  I’m at the entrance to the outlet and I approach the cook on duty regarding a possible photo-op.

“There are a few good sports out there when it comes to taking photos, and I was lucky enough to encounter them during my visit to Café Crepe.”

Mind you, as I’m talking, I’m still being given the ‘deer in the headlights’ look, but eventually a certain kind of playfulness is awakened when the manager comes forward to give the okay.

After the modelling session finishes, I’m pleased to sit down on a patio (for the second time this year the weather was cooperative on my day off work) and enjoy some chow with a friend.

Two Crepes arrive on the hand-out plane.  I grab both, one in each hand.  A Prosciutto and Brie Cheese Crepe and a Smoked Meat Crepe adorned with Dijon Mustard and Swiss Cheese.  A Soy Mocha to drink and a scoop of Ice Cream to finish.

After I’ve brought them back to the patio, me and my foodie compatriot begin to munch, catch up with each other and enjoy the weather.

The Crepes are savoury and satisfying.  Prosciutto and Brie Cheese complement each other quite well, with a strong salty punch from the Prosciutto giving way to the smoother, more balanced, savoury sensation of the Cheese.  Smoked Meat provides a wistful taste of Montreal while the Dijon Mustard and Swiss Cheese deliver the Vinegary and subtle Cheese aftertaste.

The Soy Mocha is pretty meh.  The Chocolate isn’t very defined in taste.  It feels more like drinking a Latte.

The Ice Cream is generic Vanilla, but still satisfying.

After having finished a good snack, I look at the staff who are now busy handling the late-noon rush.

They’re still smiling for the camera.

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SWEET BUBBLE CAFE – 130 – 6068 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC (604) 270-9993

30 Mar

PRICE: $4-$12

Right now I’m quite literally dashing to dine.  It’s evening meal break at work and I’ve been running around from shop to shop outside the mall I work at.  Everywhere I go a ‘CLOSED’ sign is standing guard between me and a much needed meal.  Time is starting to run out.

After ducking in and out of restaurant windows and playing charades with the owners (lip reading ‘ARE YOU CLOSED?’ – ‘YES WE ARE CLOSED’) I finally come across a place that doesn’t make me perform the tireless ritual.

I peer through the window of the door half-expecting to begin the tireless dance.  Just as I begin preparing to give my best ‘ARE YOU CLOSED’ charades impression, I lean on the door and realize that it’s…open. THANK GOD.

I crack open the door and begin to make my way to the cash register.  Asian pop music rings through the empty room.  Save for the tunes, it’s so still it feels like I’m at church.  Or a circus.  Polka-dot red and white sofas line the room. The black walls are highlighted with neon orange and green.  I’m just waiting for the clowns to start coming in.  I’m not used to this look, but I suppose it has its own kind of charm.

“I suppose hanging out in this place could help me get in touch with my Oriental side.  After all, I suppose we’re all really just different shades of yellowish-brown.”

I look at the menu.  While this is a very stereotypically Bubble Tea-looking place, they also serve a pretty wide variety of entrees.  I’m feeling the Crepes at the moment.  I place an order for the Tuna & Corn Crepe.  I’ve never had both of these foods surrounded by a very thin French Pancake.  I’m in.

I twiddle my thumbs while sitting at a table alone.  I feel awkward.  I’m not used to these kinds of places.  The colours are so bright.  The atmosphere so… Asian.  Hong Kong/Taiwan style.  I suppose these are the occasions where I can truly realize how much of a *Banana I am.

Even though my parents identify themselves culturally as Filipino, I suppose hanging out in this place could help me get in touch with my Oriental side.  After all, I suppose we’re all really just different shades of yellowish-brown.

The Crepe arrives and I hungrily wolf it down.  Savoury Tuna complements the sweet corn.  The warm but slightly crunchy Crepe complements the two.  The presentation is simple but elegant.  It can probably be best described as the most upscale Tuna Fish Sandwich I’ve ever had.  Simple, but awesome in its own right.

Content from the food, but still feeling pretty out of place in this joint, I lean back in my seat and begin to relax a little.

After a while it happens.  A feeling that I can’t quite describe, but it’s there.  Fleeting, but still noticeable.  That feeling that you get when you start feeling comfortable in what was an otherwise alien environment.

At home.  But just for a second.

It’s good feel a little more like an ‘authentic’ Asian, even if it’s just for a moment.


*To my international readers: Banana is Lower Mainland slang for an Asian with primarily Caucasian mannerisms – yellow on the outside, white on the inside.


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