DIVAS COFFEE – #916-5300 No.3 Rd, Richmond, BC, Canada (604) 270-3482

19 Apr

PRICE: $3-10

My recent foray into Café Crepe has sparked a drastic but totally predictable addiction.  I am now addicted to Crepes.  Everywhere I go, I ask myself a simple question: does this place have Crepes?  If the answer is no, my God it becomes hard if not impossible to go inside.

So, of course, while strolling down Lansdowne Mall, you can imagine the amount of joy I’m experiencing when I unexpectedly see the pearly gates of heaven in a most unexpected place.  Diva’s Coffee is a place that I have passed several times on occasion, but this time, for some unforeseen reason, it stands out to me.

I soon realize that this is result of the glowing neon ‘CREPES’ sign that’s in place.  I guess addiction makes you more aware of things.

So I quickly go in, and order myself a Nutella Crepe.  I check out their drink menu.  Today is the rare day when I am in the mood to drink something that is not Coffee.  Hmm.  I’ve never tasted an Avocado Bubble Tea Shake before.  Pearls too?  Yes please!

“Forget Marijuana, Crack Cocaine and Heroin, Crepe addiction is no laughing matter.”

One of my new favourite things to do is check out food as it’s being made.  My hostesses are very good sports, and provide a dazzling display of their Crepe and Bubble Tea making ability.  It’s fantastic.

Once they’ve finished the show, I’m off to the table and ready to enjoy my new found culinary master-pieces.

The Nutella Crepe is laced with Powdered Sugar and Whipped Cream.  The Crepe itself is pleasantly warm, with a slightly toasty texture to boot.  The Nutella mixes beautifully and provides that familiar sweet, Chocolate and Nut induced bliss-coma.  The Whipped Cream adds a fantastic fluffy sweetness.  Delightful.

The Avocado Shake is a unique and pleasant surprise.  Avocados complement the Soy Milk and Tapioca Pearls.  A very light taste that proves to be quite refreshing.  Not too sweet, not too light, it would be perfect for a summer day.  As for me, I’m starting summer early, so all the better that I can enjoy it now.

I finish pigging out on my entrees and wave good-bye.

The cravings have subsided, but I’m already experiencing withdrawal.

My hands are shaking, and I’m breaking a sweat.

I suppose I’m doomed to serve as an example to youth that Crepes are the true ‘gateway drug’.

Forget Marijuana, Crack Cocaine and Heroin, Crepe addiction is no laughing matter.

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